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Registration open for the first Beach Fight Championship in Maldives

7 December 2021

World champion Angel Sanchez who introduced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Maldives is hosting a Beach Fighting Championship with the help of AZ BJJ Academy and is now open for registration to the public.


This 1-day tournament is set to be held on 10th December 2021, at the beach near Redbull skate park.


There are certain rules and regulations that participants need to follow. The two fighters that enter the ring must try to wrestle and overpower the other person to the ground. No locks or special techniques can be used to bring your opponent down. These rules are the standup regulations of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.



Leniency in the regulations has been shown to encourage more people to participate. Each match starts at the center of the ring and lasts 3 minutes. If a person can bring down his opponent, it is known as “Off bound”. Points are given according to the rate and effectiveness of how the person attacks the opponent.


How to earn 1 point

•         If any body part of your opponent except their arms hit the sand

•         Forcing your opponent out of the “combat zone”

•         Using an illegal technique  


How to earn 3 points

•         Making your opponent’s whole back hit the sand


How to win the match

•         First to earn 3 points in the match is declared the winner

•         If the points are equal at the end of the match, the lightest weighing out of the 2 wins


Illegal techniques

•         Forcefully dislocating an opponent’s joint

•         Choking your opponent unconscious

•         Hitting, pinching, biting your opponent

•         Poking opponent’s eyes, ears, or nose

•         Using lubricants on your body

•         Stopping or leaving in the middle of the fight

•         Faking an injury


Using illegal techniques results in a deduction of 1 point from the player. If a player gets 3 offenses, they are disqualified from the fight.


 Anyone interested in participating can use the link below.


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